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Uncategorized | January 12, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Use Our Antique Wood Mouldings

Antique wood has many advantages over traditional building materials. Check out our list of reasons to consider antique timbers for your next project!

  1. Incorporate the beauty and density of first growth, century old wood
  2. Reclaimed wood is extremely stable and shrinkage is minimized
  3. Allows you to recreate classical profiles while providing LEED points for your green projects
  4. Available in Antique Oak, Chestnut, Shag-bark Hickory, Douglas Fir, Eastern White Pine, Long Leaf Pine, and Cypress
  5. We can mill your custom profiles and will assist in profile design for your projects if desired
  6. Moulding is priced by the board foot of material used plus set-up charges, allowing pricing to decrease as quantities increase
  7. We’re a small, customer service intensive company where every order receives personal attention
  8. Mouldings can be milled in widths up to 10”
  9. Paneling, cabinet stock, and custom doors can be provided to match
  10. Mouldings have characteristics which enhance an old world appearance

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